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From: Eric Lee

Dear Fellow Cichlid Lover,

Finally, you can learn the secrets of Cichlid-rearing that the professionals use themselves!

Many people find that rearing Cichlids can be frustrating, but only because they don't know what the insiders do.
And now you can learn these secrets too -- all in a easy-to-read new book called "Cichlid Secrets".

This book covers everything there is to know about Cichlids. And...

It's NOT Like Any of Those Generic Fish Books You Find in Pet Stores...

...or at the library, or even on the Internet!

Reading "Cichlid Secrets" is like getting a "back stage pass" to the real world of Cichlids.

You'll discover all kinds of important and often surprising tips... from how to tell if a Cichlid is male or female to how to choose the right breed for your aquarium (see page 17 for that one :-) ). Plus a ton of other tips that will show you how you can quickly and easily have a stunning aquarium full of Cichlids... without having to spend a fortune!

"Explained a lot that I did not know..."


I have just read your book and found it to be of tremendous help.  It explained a lot that I did not know.  Also, it will be of great help to me in the future.  

I wholly recommend the book to anyone who keeps cichlids or are thinking of starting in the hobby.

Once again, thank you!

- Doug Cooper, Queensland, Australia

Here's a sneak peak at just a small sample of the little-known and closely guarded secrets you will uncover in Cichlids Secrets:

  • The 1 most important thing you absolutely must do before you put any of your Cichlids into your aquarium! (See Page 29)

  • How to tell if a Cichlid is male or female?

  • Are all Cichlids aggressive?

  • Do Cichlids get along with any other types of fishes? Specifically, which other breeds of fish can Cichlids be put in the same tank with?

  • What about among Cichlids themselves? Which species are compatible with which others?

  • Is there any problem with putting African Cichlids and American Cichlids together?

  • Is it possible to create a community environment where say Cichlids and Tetras get along?

  • Why don't Red Devils get on with other fish?

  • If you get Cichlids when they are all young and pretty much the same size, can you put them all in the tank at the same time or should you buy them individually?

  • How much space should each fish be allowed?

  • Which Cichlids are aggressive and which ones are not?

  • How do you get them to breed? What are the specific requirements and conditions I need to put in place?

  • After your fish has laid eggs, how do you keep the eggs or babies from being eaten?

  • How fast do Cichlids grow?

  • What do you need to do to raise the fry successfully to adulthood?

  • How many Cichlids are recommended for the different size tanks?

  • How should you add new Cichlids to your existing aquarium of Cichlids? Do you need to acclimatize them or something?

  • Can you (or should you) put sea shells in your tank, and if so, do you still need to add a Cichlid buffer?

  • What is water chemistry? What is pH, KH, Buffering Capacity, General Hardness, Salinity, Nitrites, Nitrates, Ammonia, Nutrients and Trace Elements? What are they and why are they important?

  • What is the best pH level to keep your Cichlids healthy and happy?

  • What is "cycling" of the tank? Why is this important? How do you "cycle" your new tank?

  • What is the best water temperature for the Cichlids? Do you need a heater?

  • What is the secret to keeping a clean beautiful tank?

  • Can you simply use tap water for your aquarium? Or do you need to treat it first?

  • How to keep your aquarium water really clear all the time?

  • How often should you change the water? How much should you change at a time?

  • Is there any point in installing those so-called "Moonlight" lighting?

  • What are the different types of filters available? What type of filter would be best?

  • Should you put gravel at the bottom of your tank? If not, what's the best thing to use? How deep should it be? What type should you avoid?

  • Can you keep plants with Cichlids?

  • A simple little trick that can help to prevent your peaceful hobby from giving you a nasty electrical shock, or turning into a fire hazard!

  • How to control algae growth, or better yet, prevent algae from forming in the tank?

  • What kind of feed should I use? Live food? Frozen food? Or use flakes, tablets and/or pellets? What's the difference between them?

  • How much and how often should I feed?

  • What's the food you should avoid giving your beloved Cichlids, because it can kill your fish?

  • What are the common diseases found in Cichlids?

  • How do I diagnose and treat the different disease conditions?

  • ...And Much, Much More!

And that's just a small sample of what you get with Cichlid Secrets.

Cichlid Secrets has everything you need to know about rearing and breeding Cichlids. If it's not in the book, it's not something you need to know or to bother yourself with.

It's packed solid with practical and useful information, and it’s the only book you’ll ever need about Cichlids.

"Well worth it..."

The cichlid E-Book is an excellent read for any aquarist. I highly recommend it, and even better that its simple to download and use. There are few better sources of consolidated information about these beautiful fish anywhere. I sincerely hope you consider this E-book. It is well worth it.

- Evan Erwin, Columbus, Ohio

And you know what? You'll find insiders' advice, tips and tricks that you'll never get from a pet store!

Just think about it for a moment... In the first place, the hired help in the store probably doesn't have the experience and in-depth knowledge about Cichlids, right?

And even if they do, they certainly have no incentives whatsoever to share their secrets with you. In fact, the less they teach you, the better it is for them! After all, how do you think they make their money? It's by getting you to buy more and more products from them, correct?

And if you don't know what you are doing, you'll probably end up spending more money with them! You'll be spending money unnecessarily on a new kind of water filter, a different brand/kind of fish food, and new batches of fish when your existing fish die...

The less they teach you, they less you'll know. And the less you know, the more mistakes you'll make, and the more money the pet stores make.

So now you know why you'll never learn these secrets from them!

With Cichlid Secrets, it's like getting a back-stage pass to the insiders' world of Cichlid rearing!

It's easy when you know how -- and that's what you'll find in this book.

With what you'll learn from the book, it'll easily help you save 20 or even 30 times the price of the book! Stop yourself from making these serious time- and money-wasting mistakes:

  • getting new Cichlids that end up fighting with your existing Cichlids,

  • introducing aggressive Cichlids that are incompatible with the other breeds of fish in your aquarium,

  • investing in an aquarium that's too small,

  • buying the wrong type of aquarium,

  • killing your fish due to bad environmental conditions,

  • watching your Cichlids die from diseases that are in fact easily cured,

  • …or worse!

If you don't know start off on the right foot, you can easily waste $600 of your hard-earned cash on different aquarium tanks and setups, water filters, fish food, aquatic plants, and different batches of Cichlids ('coz they keep dying on you!).

Please... This does not have to happen. Rearing Cichlids can be a fun and easy experience -- and I'll show you exactly how!

Cichlid Secrets will help and guide you every step of the way.

"Full of useful knowledge..."

I enjoyed the ebook very much. 

I'm a Firemouth, Salvini, and Rainbow Cichlid owner and I found it full of useful knowledge and things that a Cichlid fan should know if they want to have such beautiful fish as a pet.

- Matthew Oberto, Florida

And it's so easy-to-read, you can easily understand all the different advice, tips and tricks. It's written for the "layman", so you don't have to be a fish expert or scientist to understand it.

It used to be that only the professionals in the business know these insiders' secrets, but now you can have and use these secrets too. It's certainly about time, isn't it?

If you want the liveliest, healthiest, and the most beautiful Cichlids that's easy to rear... you must get it today.

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This is a one-of-a-kind book that you won't find in book stores.

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Within 24 hours of receiving your refund request, I will issue a prompt and courteous full refund to you.

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(But the book is yours to keep no matter what!)

There are no if's, and's or but's about it. If you're not totally thrilled with Cichlid Secrets for any reason (or for no reason at all) then just send me an email and I'll give you a 100% refund.

And I'll let you keep Cichlid Secrets For FREE!

There are no questions asked, no "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.

Either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free. Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

You have absolutely no risk... and everything to gain!

You'll be thrilled with Cichlid Secrets...and you'll be overjoyed by how much fun it is to have lively, healthy, and beautiful Cichlids to admire in your aquarium.

“Cichlid Secrets”

Regular Price: $25.00 Today $10

Eric Lee 
A Fellow Cichlid Lover and Enthusiast

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"A great resource..."

I found "Cichlids Secrets" ebook a great resource!  I will always keep it near for quick reference. Thanks again!

- Tifany Lawler, Bangor, Maine


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